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Physics of the Atmosphere and Climate دانلود کتاب
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دانلود کتاب فیزیک در اتمسفر و آب و هوا - نویسنده :ماری ال سالبی

دانلود کتاب فیزیک در اتمسفر و آب و هوا - نویسنده :ماری ال سالبی
علاقهمندان به فیزیک جو و آب و هوا می توانند این کتاب را به قیمت مناسب از این سایت دانلود نمایند.

Murry Salby’s new book provides an integrated treatment of the processes controlling the
Earth-atmosphere system developed from first principles through a balance of theory and
applications. This book builds on Salby’s previous book Fundamentals of Atmospheric Physics.
The scope has been expanded to include climate, while streamlining the presentation for
undergraduates in science, mathematics, and engineering. Advanced material, suitable for
graduate students and researchers, has been retained but distinguished from the basic
development. The book offers a conceptual yet quantitative understanding of the controlling
influences integrated through theory and major applications. It leads readers through a
methodical development of the diverse physical processes that shape weather, global energetics,
and climate. End-of-chapter problems of varying difficulty develop student knowledge
and its quantitative application, supported by answers and detailed solutions online
for instructors.
M U R R Y S A L B Y is Chair of Climate Science at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia. He
was previously a Professor at the University of Colorado, where he served as Director of
the Center for Atmospheric Theory and Analysis. Previously, he was a researcher at the U.S.
National Center for Atmospheric Research and at Princeton University. Professor Salby has
authored more than 100 scientific articles in major international journals, as well as the
textbook Fundamentals of Atmospheric Physics (1996). His research focuses on changes of
the atmospheric circulation in relation to global structure, energetics, and climate. Involving
large-scale computer simulation and satellite data, Salby’s research has provided insight into
a wide range of phenomena in the Earth-atmosphere system.

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